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March 24, 2008


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Henry Dubb

I honestly don't get how this benefits Michael Gableman one bit. Is not this really an "un endorsement" of sorts. Its certainly not like they'd endorse Butler.

I like Butler and think his campaign is hitting the right cords. I am not sure all the Doylepublicans feel the same way. I think the "un-endorsement" is a win for Butler.

John Foust

Butler's campaign claims that Gableman is out-spending them twenty to one? How can they justify this "poured money" phrase?

Peter Gruett

This is why mud-slinging works. If news outlets are going to cop out and simply decry a lowered political tone without risking an accusation of "bias" by pointing out who lowered it, what chance does the average citizen have? They see negative ads. They see the State Journal bemoaning the mudslinging as if it were coming from both sides and all they come away with are the lies in Gableman's ads. There's no penalty for using this kind of dirty politics because the media's going to hold the target to equal blame. When you throw mud it gets on everyone.


I'm impressed by the integrity that the WSJournal has shown in last years election and now again in this. I do not think it was a knee jerk reaction but one that was well thought out by them. Give them the credit they deserve for recognizing the problems with our courts.


Judging from the way WMC is pouring money into Gablemans campaign and the money they spent on Ziegler's - there still must be something worth stealing in Madison.


You are still breathing Madison BOZONE.


Please feel free to put in a link or a trackback to an article, but not the entire article.


So if the candidate that you oppose wins you would support appointing justices, but if the candidate you support wins you wouldn't. I'm glad to see you have such well thought out and reasoned positions.



You sure love making up acronyms that mean absolutely nothing, I see.


I NEVER want to have attorney's telling me who my best choices are.
We will NEVER need a loon like LOOPHOLE Louie on the Supreme Court but he would have been a shoein if the Wisconsin Bar had their way.
After all, Louie couldn't win and election; he needed Governor Doodus to reach the Supreme Court.
Let's stick with voting for Supreme Court Judges; the current system works so well the Libs want to change it cause they lose using it.
There is NO BETTER REASON to keep the current system than that!

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