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April 22, 2008


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michael donnelly

You really nail it that this is a cultural problem. Laws are important too, but if there isn't a social stigma against driving when you've been drinking, people are going to keep doing it.


I'm not entirely sure how you are able to equate Wisconsin's high drunk driving rate with sexual assaults and other alcohol-related shenanigans here on campus, but suffice to say that I disagree with your synopsis of the underlying problem that causes people in this state to drink and drive. 90% of all DWI arrests in this state are over 21. WISDOT has identified the "typical" DWI offender as a 38 year old male. 48% of people with 1 DWI conviction were between the ages of 25 and 39. 10% were under 21. I think the problem is the history of lax attitudes concerning drinking and driving that Wisconsin has had over the years. I think that attitude is changing, especially here in Dane county,(the sexual assaults and other alcohol-charged B.S. that occurs on campus is a completely different issue.) I, like you, am a Chicago native. When I moved here 7 years ago, I was blown away by the amount of drinking that went on here. And not just on campus. Wisconsin is a very "drink-y" state and blaming the kids on this one does the problem no justice.


It's interesting that you don't express the same vitriol toward drunk drivers that you did toward
people who dare to operate bicycles (or slow mopeds) on snowy roads.


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