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April 15, 2008


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Adam P. James

I wrote about this Yesterday, as did Rik Hunter ( I agree with you, but I think one of the casualties here at the University will be diversity - in programs, studies, and students. We'll have fewer programs and students mostly from Wisconsin. We already have a significant diversity problem and it's not going away.

I think the Republicans want to remake the UW into a technical school, focusing only on what they think are "job skills" (no art for you!), and only accept "native" Wisconsinites. I think both are wrong and I outline why in my post:

I think they will continue to attempt to starve the UW - and it'll be detrimental to Wisconsin.


This is the academic analogue to WMC's focus on protecting its stodgy member businesses to the point of sabotaging the state's feeble attempts to help new businesses grow. Evolve, die or get out the way!


This isn't exactly a new phenomenon... Richard Feynman was heading here after the Manhattan Project, until a better salary lured him to Cornell.

(I came across the letter in the Archives at Memorial Library when I was an undergraduate)


Really? When the UW stops its marxist agenda-pushing and blatant indoctrination of its students - see kevin barrett -- perhaps the Assembly will let up


Hank: So, would you feel more comfortable if the UW became a bible college?

I'd love to hear your evidence of a "Marxist agenda" and indoctrination.


Higher education systems do not grow state economies. When somebody gets a degree, he/she can easily leave the state. Furthermore, why should government subsidizie higher education for anyone? No doubt it should provide student loans, but I see little rationale for government paying for the training of somebody who is going to make $100,000 per year while a plumber who goes through an apprenticeship is not subsidized by the government. It's ridiculous.

The rationale for higher education funding -- that there are external benefits to society -- doesn't really hold true. Certain times of university functions do provide benefits (like R&D) but paying somebody to major in finance and then move to NYC to make millions on Wall Street is a travesty.

More resources should be devoted to K-12 education and less to higher education.

Peter Gruett

The University of Wisconsin Madison's annual research budget is 905 million dollars, Chris. That's almost as much as the state provides to the entire university system. If you're too short-sighted to see any social benefit to accessible higher-education, consider the direct benefit of nearly a billion dollars a year (to say nothing of indirect money from technology transfer businesses) that wouldn't be in this state if it weren't for the faculty Nass and company are working so hard to alienate.

Also, consider that the average individual with a high-school education won't pay enough in state taxes over the course of his or her lifetime to cover the cost of that education. It's only the further investment in higher education that pays for both.


I agree with Paul, but believe he understates the urgency of the crisis that the University of Wisconsin (and thus the state, which depends on it as an economic engine) faces. Never in my 23 years at the UW has there been such a catastrophic rate of loss of top faculty. It only takes a few years to lose a university's reputation ... and with it, the inherent value of degrees from that university, and the ability to attract top teachers and researchers ... but it would take a couple of decades to rebuild that reputation and the institution itself (see U Texas, U Florida). Guys, we are at a tipping point. What is done in the next 6-24 months will profoundly affect the UW, Madison, and Wisconsin. Write your state representative and senator. Write the bomb-thrower Nass and express your displeasure.

Henry Hyde

The University of Wisconsin System is one of the most wasteful organizations in the country. Every administrative position is duplicated at the campus or state level. The salaries of these people are over- inflated with the silly argument that they need to have higher salaries to draw good people to the state, well most of these jerks were already in the state to begin with. Kevin Reilly was working at UW Extension before he became president. Wiley was working in a lab before he became chancellor so lets end this argument. On top of all this, UW System is racist. Name a minority working at UW System as a high level administrator. They fired all of the African Americans, a dean at Green Bay a few years ago, a Vice Chancellor at Madison two years ago, and two African American deans were canned during the same year at Whitewater. The bottom line is that we need to discuss and think seriously about eliminating the UW System administrative structure.

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