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April 11, 2008


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I'm just wondering how big an increase they would see of cars getting broken into and the guns being stolen.


That's probably too tough for Mike. Like when he was Ashland County DA if it is too hard, he will ignore it and leave it for the night shift.


Being a teacher, this should mean no more classroom discipline problems ;)


As a Concealed Weapons permit holder, I see an issue with this. I see more violence at the work place due to this law. I see no need for anyone to have to carry a weapon to a place we all call "a second home". If we don't feel safe there, we need to resort a second option.

Michael J. Cheaney

Before 'conceal and carry' was enacted, the problem did not exist.

Oh really? You Don't think that people had guns in their cars? That seems like a rather nieve position to take.

...Florida business groups are urging the governor to veto the measure, saying owners should be allowed to determine what happens on their property...

One could only WISH that this were the case. Nowadays with Business owners being lawsuit magnets, it basically comes down to insurance companies, and lawyers TELLING Business owners what is acceptable. Lets face Lawyers have more of an effect on our lives than we will ever know.

...Dozens of workplace shootings occur every year in the United States and studies have shown that job sites where guns are permitted are more likely to suffer workplace homicides than those where guns are prohibited.

It is tough to argue this one. (And come to think of it how much tax money was spent to study would should be a common sense conclusion)

However I am sure at as many, if not more homicides are committed by individuals who have been labeled as "disgruntled former employees"


As a psychotherapist, I can't wait to see couples bring their guns. They can then settle unresolved issues after the session in the parking lot. I imagine divorce mediators are similarly enthusiastic!

Knute Knutson

Heads up...
The latest edition of the Economist (April 12-18th) has an article on Gableman/Butler fiasco.


As a concealed weapons lic. holder I feel a responsable carrier would make sure his or her gun was secure when brought to the work place. Keep in mind you are subject to a criminal and mental screening before a lic. is issued, so I disagree with the increased work place violence comment, in fact I think a decrease may be the result. I had rather have a gun and not need it, then need a gun and not have it!!!

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