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April 14, 2008


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Why not be honest and tell people that this really isn't about making our courts more just, but is about one side or the other winning. Your side has been losing and now you're crying foul and threatening to take everyones right to vote away.

It would be great to see you get interested in making our courts fair, impartial and just. That's what the public really expects of the courts.


And that is the vast right wing conspiracy in a nut shell. Watched Grover Norquist pump a new book over the weekend on BookTV and his ideas are the mainstream of Republican thought nowadays. I believe Norquist is actually driving the Republican party now, with trips to state capitals to take pledges from legislators that they will not raise taxes, which our assembly drones in Madison did do. When people talk about the Fundamentalists of the Republicans it's not the Religious Righters, it's the Friedman Freemarketeers.

Jack Lohman

Charlie Sykes says the answer to speech is MORE speech; that is, more MONEY. Or if you are not on the moneyed side that can pay for more speech, accept the loss. Smart guys those right wingers! They know where their bread is buttered.



Everything you write reeks of Communism. Do you actually believe in Karl Marx economic theory? "From each according to his ability,to each according to his needs".
For example you state that taxpayer funded voucher schools indoctrinate students with conservative values. You fail to mention however that taxpayer funded public schools indoctrinate students with liberal values. You support a liberal, single point of view, education monopoly and you fight to maintain the ultra liberal public school monopoly. You deprive parents of school choice. Furthermore it's common knowledge that many, if not most, large city public school systems are failing. And on top of that public school systems spend twice as much money per student as private voucher schools.

Now as we watch public school system fail in Milwaukee, you want the government to legislate a health care monopoly that operates essentially the same as the Wisconsin education monopoly. Why not start right out with Rolls Royce benefits for the new government health care administrators just like the teachers have. Public education costs taxpayers twice what vouchers cost and you've got the gaul to tell the public health care costs will go down with government run health care.

Please stop insulting my intelligence.


I cannot believe that someone who claims to be as smart as you still believes in global warming. Global warming is the greatest hoax put on the American people by socialists like your self. My gosh the left actually bought the governor's mansion, with the lies told about Mark Green and you do not hear the right still complaining. The WMC did not buy the supreme court, the people in this great state realized that they did not want a liberal justice. I seem to recall former justice Butler getting pounded in the 2000 election. It was really arrogant for Doyle to then appoint him, when the voters of Wisconsin rejected him the first time.


You say: These business leaders are going to play a critical role in solving Wisconsin's problems if they can wrest control of the public policy discussion from WMC and its collaborators, and then fashion solutions with organized labor.

How do you, an experienced activist and politician feel is the fastest way to wrest control of the public policy discussion from WMC and its collaborators? Is doing this a prerequisite to fashioning solutions with organized labor or could working with organized labor be the prerequisite to wresting control of the public policy discussion from WMC and its collaborators?



If you believe that global warming is a hoax, I have some awesome real estate to sell to you down in Florida and it will never be at risk of getting hit by a class 5 hurricane either.


Sorry Russ,

That offer is for William.

Jack Lohman

Yeah, Scott, not only is this whole global warming thingy a hoax, all of the money WMC, WCFG, and CAF put into the Gableman campaign had zero impact on this election. Yeah, right!

That we are so stupid as to allow these groups to, in effect, get their conflicted judges elected is a shame. And then we complain when our economy goes down the drain.

The Fourth Hansen Brother

Hey Paul, unions fight against H1B visas? Hmmm.... gonna unionize Epic? There's a heck of an idea. Surely needs it, just look at the last guy who tried. He lasted what, two days?

You're losing credability Paul....

Tell me why it was important for WEAC, the lawyer lobby, and the Casino lobby to get involved ??

You lefty's just don't get it do you?

Still stinging from the April 2nd election.

I will be more than willing to sit back and see the so called henaous rulings that the Gableman election will produce, compared to the already visible activist rulings from Butler.

Good Lord Chicken Little, get over it already!!

Oh Yeah Jack.

Global warming in the aftermath of the coldest temperatures on the North American continent in years.

It's so cold out because it's so warm out!!

The sun and the Mondor Minimum and Maximums have more to do with the cyclical warming (and Cooling)of the globe than man does. Check out the eleven and twenty two year cycles of solar prominences and sunspots. They match closer to the ebs and flows of global temps. than the ludicrous babblings of CO2


Just read the comments and it is amusing to see the chamions of socialized commerce use the old commie ploy. Someone is stuck in the 50's.

Jack Lohman

Stupidity is correct, nonheroicvet. But you are pointing the wrond way.

After Bush got in and converted us to a "conservative" society, how are you liking it so far? Govt size grew by 10%, the economy crashed, and Medicare giveaways to the pharmaceutical industry to the tune of $780 billion. Even giving private Medicare a 3.6% increase while cutting traditional Medicare because private Medicare can give campaign contributions and public Medicare can't. More cost to the taxpayers for less patient care. See "Are we having fun yet?" at

I'll take "Liberal" any day.


Well, Paul, the wacky right seems to have discovered your blog in the last few weeks. I'm not sure if they're better or worse than the bicycle fanatics. Keep up the good work.



Then why are you supporting McCain? You just said that you would take liberal any day.

Jack Lohman

Because, William, when push comes to shove McCain will make the right decision. And McCain is as liberal as Obama.

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