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April 25, 2008


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Paul. You are an idiot.


Conservatives want to believe that the only activist judges out there are the liberals. It comes from the amazing conceited viewpoint that they are some how the harbingers of the original intent of the Constitution. Any other interpretation of the Constitution must mean that a judge is putting in their interpretation, and therefore, being activist. I don't know, according to Scalia, the original rationale for agreeing with campaign finance legislation was because of the anti-corruption rationale. Where's that in the Constitution? And that makes more sense to a democratic society than the idea of leveling the playing field. Who's being activist there?
Lenny wrote: "Paul. You are an idiot"
Great come back there Lenny, simply proving again that a conservative really can't hold a logical and insightful argument against a well informed liberal.

Ty O'Mara

Antonin Scalia claims that there was no "conflict of interest," created by his accepting a fishing trip from(and with)Vice President Cheney. He is political. We need legislation to curb these fishing trips. Conservative Justices on the Supreme Court should be allowed to go hunting trips with the former Vice President, however.

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