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May 07, 2008


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Peter Gruett

I don't know that people have a solid concept of the countless millions (probably billions) of dollars the state's throwing away by underfunding higher education. Unfortunately, I don't see the legislature wising up as long as they can skip from budget-crisis to budget-crisis and cry poverty every time they use the UW system as a piggy bank for tax-breaks and runaway corrections and transportation spending.

It'd be great if someone (I'd do it myself if I had the wherewithal) would start a 527 group to advocate for public higher education. It's not an elegant solution but perhaps people like Nass and Huebsch would feel a bit more enlightened if they paid a real political price for trashing the UW.

Henry Hyde

Oh yeah, we need to increase President Reilly's $400,000 a year salary! How about giving a few more bucks to the rest of the chancellor's who make well over $200,000 a year with a housing allowance and car? Get real. These clowns already make enough money. Have you taken a look at the massive staff at the UW System Administrative Offices? Every administrator at System makes well over a hundred grand and what do they do - Nothing!!! I have talk to staff at UW System and they tell me that on most days they sit around with nothing to do. More money? No - reduce the waste.

Scott Sanford

The unfortunate thing about this is that every one focuses on the few high paid administrators, and I would agree that it appears some of the salaries increases to new personnel seem excessive. The folks that are getting hurt is the researchers and educators that do the everyday work. In the last 6 years, UW facilty and acedemic staff have gotten an average salary increase of 1.8% per year and no merit raises that been allowed. So managers can not even give any reward the good people except a pat on the back and that doesn't pay bills. The legislature’s joint committee on employment relations recently decided to axe the 1% pay increase that they previously approved for April 2009. First am confussed why the state legislature should have so much power over UW salaries when they only proved ~ 25% of the funding and if we are in such a mess why doesn't the governor and representative take a pay cut or at least for go their salary increases. In private business a good owner often takes a pay cut before extending it to his employees. If our elected representatives would have the guts to axe or delay some un-needed projects we could likely get out of this financial mess without balancing it on the backs of those who are trying to make WI a better more educated place.

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