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May 27, 2008


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Marquette 2L

McCain's retention argument is wrong. The Webb bill should be seen as a small reward for those who have served, and not simply as a tool to get people to re-enlist.

I understand that these types of practical considerations should not be completely ignored. However, given the sacrifice our soldiers continue to make I think we should err on the side of giving them more, not less.


John McCain sells us his illusion that he is a war hero. Some people buy it, some don't, most of us are to busy trying to keep our own illusion from cracking to give a damn. I slave daily to keep the SUV and the House from repossession and maybe find time and money for a baseball game twice a season.
If crashing a plane is heroic, then McCain is an Ace with four crashes.
He and Cheney have been pushing and dragging this Iraq war wagon since, to paraphrase, "we will be greeted in the streets with sweets and candy..." The wheels fell off the wagon years ago.
Now this illusionist is "sick at heart". Well, Johnny 3, "I feel your pain."
By their actions, this junta doesn't have people in high places with conscience.
Most of them have been replaced or died in airplane crashes


McCain's social engineering is disturbing. He wishes to replace America's long history of citizen-soldiers with a warrior class of working-life-long professional soldiers - a class which he intends to keep loyal to the Republican party. And, most disturbing, exactly the people who you would need if you ever wanted to pull off a military coup within in this country.

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