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May 09, 2008


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Dan Sebald



I know the feeling. We manage the frequent flyer accounts for 5 family members on about 6 different airlines. And yes, we've learned to plunk "itty bitty" mile rewards into different accounts on a rotating basis to keep them active.

I learned a lot from Maybe a forum answer there can help you out.

3rd way

Delta did the same thing to me.



And, you don't have to fly through O'Hare.

Badger Pete

Anyone who flies through Chicago gets what he or she deserves. Only an idiot relies on United or American to get you to or from O'Hare!


Two words: Midwest Airlines

Jess Wundrun

The valuation of an airlines' frequent flyer program business is often higher than the valuation of the airline itself. And now you know why.


Have you heard about the war in Iraq?

How about global warming?

Donald Pay

You have to understand these are "frequent flyer" programs. They began as a way to attract repeat business of people who fly several times a week. Your 500,000 miles if accumulated over 5 years is something Mileage Plus would bend over backwards for. If it's accumulated over a lifetime (yours), they'd like to have your business in the future, but probably not enough to restore your kids' accounts. Your kids' flying history is not "frequent" enough to be of concern to them, and they could care less about losing their business, especially since they gave you fair warning that miles would expire if not used.

My wife used to work at Mileage Plus in the 1990s when they did something similar. Enough people complained then that they extended the miles for 6 months. If enough people complain, they may extend it this time, too. Call back after several weeks and complain again in a polite way. I assume you didn't fly off the handle too much. The CSRs write all the abuse down so if you call back, they have you flagged as a malcontent.

Another way is to play chicken with them. If you can, and especially if your kids can, book several cancelable flights on United, and let them know you'd like to fly on the airline, but will have to re-consider if the miles aren't re-instated.

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