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June 12, 2008


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Not to worry about the loss of Budweiser, it is just a cheap imitation of the real thing. If you want good Budweiser, you will find it in any grocery store in Prague.

Another thing maybe your NRA readers can answer - why did JB Van Hollen think he needed personal guards at the Republican Convention in a concealed carry state?

PS: Hope the WMC plot goes well.

Bob Keith

Once the Belgians realize Budweiser Beer actually sucks, they will sell it to the Chinese who will in turn put additives in it like lead, poison wheat glutten, anti-freeze, date-rape drug, and tainted blood thinner. Then after numerous world-wide complaints that the Chinese will of course deny, those same Chinese will execute their Beer Czar.

Damn! I might just have a Bud for a change. Welcome to the "one-world paradise." Cheers!

Bob Keith


I agree, Belgian beer is pretty good. It could only make Bud better. But if you have to drink a mass produced can of swill, drink local. Miller?

Beer Man

Bob, sorry to ruin your day. Miller and Coors are now owned by SAB (South African Breweries) When BUD is sold if you want American type beer you will need to buy SAM ADAMS as they will be the only American beer company. But I bet they won't last long as America is on sale for 50% off these days. I am sure we will see all of America sold withing a year or two. I am moving out of America, it is over for this country.

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