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June 11, 2008


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Have you ever noticed Sykes never connects the dots?? He is almost anti-public schools, yet sends his daughter to Mequon schools!


Figures. People like Sykes can't imagine that we puny humans can burn enough fossil fuels to affect global CO2 levels. Similarly, Sykes cannot imagine that local developers can possibly pave enough of a watershed to affect runoff rates into rivers.


With Sykes and every other rightwing (fascist) bloviator, there is no effort at actually investigation and inquiry and then deducing the truth from facts. Ranting hatred is the only goal. Being a strong first amendment guy I am surprised at my own inclination to want to muzzle these people. They are extremely dangerous to our democracy and are in large part responsible for the past eight years of disaster.


to the first commenter: Sykes does not have a school-age daughter.

Jay Dog

Hey Paul, you do know that the ground has already been saturated with record winter snow falls this year, don't you? The cement in Milwaukee does not have any affect on the fields a couple of counties to the west of the city. When several inches of rain come down at an extremely high rate, it runs off of unpaved land just as easily as paved land because the ground can only absorb water at a rate determined by the soil composition and the moister already present in the soil. Let's not skip basic science in the rush to "connect the dots."

Joe Klein

Google "how suburban development effects runoff" -- this will give you multiple peer reviewed studies on how suburban development contributes to flooding. Plenty of dots here ...............

Gregory Rihn

Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce delenda est! I'm new to reading your blog, but I sure hope your conspiracies bear fruit. Helping to foist off two ethically challenged candidates onto the Supreme Court is just the latest of their offenses.

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