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June 14, 2008


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Oh, come on, Paul. A slippery-slope argument? Really?

Wait until they replace the players with robots. Now THAT will be a game!

Dan Sebald

The catcher pulls the glove back into the strike zone after the ball is in the mitt... If it looks like a perfect pitch low and inside, the batter jumps back acting as though being brushed... Reggie Jackson leans into the relay from second to first... Joe Niekro flings the emery board half-way to second when he turns his pockets inside out... Billy Martin waits until George Brett hits a home run to come out and complain about pine tar too high on the bat...

Tim M.

Paul, I think they're ONLY talking about "instant replay" for HOME RUN calls...not balls and strikes, not pickoff plays, not plays at the plate, or anything else. I agree it's a step toward hell, but perhaps the discussion will serve to make the umps who've blown SO MANY home run calls this year to be more careful.

Imagine what "instant replay" would do to deciding hit or error! On most errors now, anybody my (our) age would rule ERROR; all the video-game generation would rule any sharply-hit ball a HIT, even if it hits the fielder in the glove and knocks him over.

We've lost this battle long ago, anyway. Happy Fathers' Day....


The addition of instant replay would at least give the viewers some entertainment. This is such a boring game without time limits. The instant replay would at least fill the huge voids of dead time during the game while the batter and pitcher scratch, fidgit, move their cap, shirt sleeves, feet, etc. repeatedly while the fans just want them to do something, anything! This game (doesn't deserve the title of sport), is out-of-date and needs an overhaul. It is like watching Lawrence Welk!


Being screwed over by some bad calls, I'd rather have the right call. Is football dead from instant replay? Nope.


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