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June 18, 2008


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Jess Wundrun

When McCain mentions those who "who want to share in the benefits of the global system and its economic success" he's not talking about your average citizen in the middle east, because the 'economic success' of the 'global system' is only paying out for those at the very top of the multinational corporatocracy, and the Saudi Royal family who have been aided and abetted by the IMF and the World Bank.

Ron Legro

Especially ironic but utterly in character: McCain is amply quoted in the 2005 documentary film, "Why We Fight," and in essence he backs up and amplifies Eisenhower's warning. And yet three years later, everything he's saying contradicts that.


John McCain is Orr, the apple-cheeked, "simple-minded gnome." Yossarian's tent mate in a book called 'Catch 22' by Joseph Heller.Much of McCain's time is taken up by pointless circular arguments generally designed to obfuscate any attempt toward his true motive. Like Orr, McCain had a propensity toward crashing his plane after bombing runs. If the Vietnamese hadn't caught him the last time, he may have paddled to Sweden.


I truly think that you are quite a remarkable man. Your blog of June 18th, on McCain was quite insightful and well worded. Perhaps you might send a copy of it to the Obama camp. Enjoy your reading your blogs .. always something there of interest.


Hey Paul
John McCain has more combat awards than Dwight Eisenhower, and as many or more than Audey Murphy!
All amassed in less than a day in combat. Give this hero his due.
Not only was he for the war while serving with the navy but he had the vision to be against the war while serving with the Vietnamese after capture.
He remains the first Veteran to be awarded by both sides governments of an ongoing conflict!!

Compassionate Badger


No one is saying that John McCain should not be viewed as a war hero in America. However, being a war hero does not mean that one should have a free path to the Presidency of the United States.

We need a leader who understands history as well as war; who understands the necessity for peace; who understands the importance of providing for our service men and women.

That leader is NOT Senator McCain--he has proven it time and again.

first of all john mccain voted down the new GI Bill because he wanted to change it to reward longer terms of service with more benefits.

Secondly to those who think that our kind of economy benefits only massive corporations and their owners, have you looked around recently? Sure the owners of massive corporations make massive amounts of money compared to the rest of us but people in this country who are under the povery line make more money in a week than the vast majoirty of the world does in a year, so to say that "'economic success' of the 'global system' is only paying out for those at the very top of the multinational corporatocracy" is absurd.

And thirdly John McCains service does play a large role in why i support him. Not so much because he served or because he is highly decorated but rather because his story reveals his character. He was tortured and then offered the chance to go home, but refused to go until everyone else could as well. This reveals a strength of character and resolve that most of us would be lucky to have half of and these qualities are highly important to have in the role of President.

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