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June 19, 2008


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Keith Schmitz

How do you get past the hairspray to even penetrate his head?


[quote]How do you get past the hairspray to even penetrate his head?[/quote]
Duhhh.... Nuts !

I bought gasoline at $1.30 March 2003 in Lake Charles, La.
After Katrina and Rita,
as prices surged above $3.00,
the blame was squarely put nation-wide on the Gulf Coast refineries inability to operate.
I drove past one of them in 2003 after a thoughtful gator filled,
free from any physical barriers on the trail,
experience at Sabine NWR.

The war in Iraq consumes massive amounts of fuel,
but that is miniscule as compared to worldwide demand.
I think we can all agree on that.

I hope at least that we can all also agree that the war in Iraq is killing the value of the dollar ??
Rwemember when the Euro was introduced ( circa 2002 ). the USD and the EUR were at 1:1.
Today 1 USD = 0.644828 EUR.

Is it too far a reach of logic, given this war's unwelcome orgin ( we're NOT liberating Kuwait are we ? ),
that this war in Iraq is a reason that fuel prices are soaring globally ?

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