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June 27, 2008


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I've just blogged about Epic Systems. It was so refreshing to see business take an ethical position protecting our judicial system from political influence.


Good for Cullen Inc. You don't establish and maintain a successful business by pissing off your customers or by being a general nut case.


Your whole approach to your vicious attacks on WMC is that they should stop doing what their doing because you said so. Of course, you do not apply the same approach to those organizations that promote the same liberal agenda that you do.

Presenting a withdrawal from an organization like WMC as a liberal victory is far fetched. It's difficult to get just two people to agree on some things and almost impossible to get all people to agree on everything.

I think the case could just as easily be made that he was a lefty trying to undermine the goals of the organization and failed. At that point, it would be better to leave.


Paul, when you lie like this, do you have trouble looking at yourself in the mirror? You know what you say to be false, yet for the far left like you, the ends always justify the means. Does that clear your conscience? Or do you feel a twinge of guilt for making this complete lie?

Kathy Miller

How can one find a list of WMC members? Specifically, how can I find a bank to patronize that is NOT a dues-paying member of WMC?


Ok Skippy, how about some specifics and information? What exactly was Paul lying about and what is your evidence? Most of what I read in this post was in the WSJ this week? Do you have something or are you just one of the many, shall we say, limited conservative thinkers?


And here I thought they left WMC because they didn't want to lose a big, fat job with EPIC. Thanks for setting me straight, Paul. Give me a break.


Obviously Soglin continues the effort to try and cover Epic's despicable tracks with these specious comments. The bottom line is that Epic is now clearly engaged in political bullying. Judy Faulkner apparently does not like the decision that Wisconsin voters made in a fair election and now seeks to lash out using raw economic blackmail. The actions of Epic demostrates a ideological zeal that is literally frightening to contemplate. What group is next on Epic's enemies list and who will they go after? What level of ideological purity is acceptable to Epic?

Fed up with Epic

I agree that Epic has become a bully to achieve their own narrow minded political views. They are restricting freedom of expression and freedom of opinion, which are highly valued in our country. Judith Faulkner is of course entitled to her own opinion, but everyone else is also, without fear of retribution. Cullen withdrew from WMC only because they do not want to lose the Epic construction work, not because they disagree with WMC. This is thoroughly disgusting.

It is odd that Soglin supports restrictions of freedom of expression. He sure did not feel that way when he was expressing his opinion about the Viet Nam war.

What's the deal Paul? Do we only want the "correct" opinions to be expressed?

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