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July 09, 2008


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jim guilfoil

Here in Wisconsin many thousands boycotted the Gallo Wine Company in support of the Farm Workers Union in their strike against unjust working conditions in the grape vineyards. Many college students would call and ask 'which wines can we buy this time around'?
Lettuce and table grapes gave baptism to many a social justice advocate in the 60's...who I hope still advocate for social justice today.
The WMC is a perennial foe of social justice for those who must work in the markets but reject the greed which motivates its owners.
Democracy is too precious to leave it to those who can usually buy it.


I admit, I didn't know that "secondary boycott" was a legal term, or I would have gone off on that as well. But I did let off a little steam from Schweber's piece here:

And now on WMC's James Buchen's commentary here:

Gary Schepp

What about prohibition of American citizens visiting Cuba or purchasing cigars produced in Cuba? Or any business with Cuba. That is a federal law.

merkley muckley

All because i voted for Ralph Nader

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