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July 21, 2008


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I do not see a problem with the WMC getting involved in any election. The problem I saw was once it came out that Ziegler broke rules numerous times on the Circuit Court that they did not withdraw.

Charlie UnSykes

As I was accessing your blog today I said to myself, "Let's get Soglin's daily rant against WMC." I don't like WMC, either, but I wish you'd vary your material a bit. Give us a few gripes about the Democratic Party or Madison City Hall.

karen marie

i've always been grateful to live in a state that does not elect judges (massachusetts). i type court transcripts for a living, have done so for over 25 years, and my experience from listening to judges in a number of district courts and superior courts is that the judges are very good.

i have been horrified by what i have seen of judicial proceedings in states where judges are elected. the impulse to rule in a way which enhances your public popularity to ensure re-election is destructive of rational and fair interpretation of the laws.

obviously there is potential for abuse in appointments but once a judge is appointed he/she is not beholden to anyone in order to keep their seat on the bench.

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