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July 07, 2008


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John Foust

It's clear. They didn't care where WMC's money was coming from until your research created traction for public criticism and increased discussion of WMC's means and motives. They don't want this examination. They want to know who to attack.


I look forward to comments on Waxing America on the George Lightborne Opinion piece in Cap Times today.

James Wigderson

So why not disclose who your clients are, and push the debate in the other direction?


Lets see WMC disclose where all its out-of-state money came from first. I'm sure a quid pro quo then could be determined.

John Foust

Wigderson, if you have any influence, perhaps you can broker a deal and win a Wisconsin peace prize. Is WMC willing to disclose its benefactors? If not, why push for Soglin to reveal his? Are you suggesting that someone's (or an organization's) backers can influence their actions, to a degree proportionate to their contribution? If so, who do you think is driving the WMC bus?

What is the concern about out of state money? I thought the gripe about WMC was that they ran some attack ads.

james wigderson

WMC is actually irrelevant to the question, a bit of sleight-of-hand by Soglin. No, if Soglin has deemed full disclosure is a good then surely he owes us full disclosure? If not, is Soglin up to no good?

John Foust

Step right up, Widgerson, and start SoglinWatch. Maybe you can perform the research to discover his benefactors and the influence they're having on state politics. Show us how he's up to no good.

John Foust

Whoops, it's Wig-der-son, like Anderson, but with a wig-der. :-) I see Soglin made the same mistake.


This whole process of watching and then watching the watchers is beginning to form into an elaborate Ponzi scheme operation. How long a line is there?

Rick Esenberg

I take it that your response to my inquiry about who is funding your WMC watch would involve an invitation for me to pound sand.

"The money I receive is not used to influence elections." Wow. That's good. You're too smart, Mr. Soglin, to sincerely believe that's a meaningful distinction. Say goodbye to any credibility on this subject.

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