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August 31, 2008


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My wife put it simply too, " He found a skirt to hide behind."

I can't add that.


We can be just as stupid as men. Some of us did vote for Annette Zeigler (not me!).


If you would like to see Debra's embarrassing McCain ad, I've got it here.

Charlie UnSykes

I don't think this was a move calculated to pick up disaffected Hilary voters. More likely the McCain campaign wanted to bring out the evangelical and anti-abortion voters.

I actually think selecting Palin was a smart move for McCain. Her politics are atrocious but she's a fresh face: friendly, attractive, and articulate. Selecting her re-establishes McCain's credentials as a maverick and invigorates his campaign. Choosing a safe running mate like Romney or Pawlenty wouldn't gotten McCain anywhere, but Palin suddenly makes him a more interesting candidate.

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