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August 08, 2008


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jim guilfoil

As the police become more militarized,i.e. are becoming more violent and less and less subject to civilian review, the public is dulled into accepting greater violence in civil society.
Gang violence as a response to police violence in minority neighborhoods and the political cry for greater 'law and order violence' creates a spiral into the 'police state'. What is meant here is a militarization of civil society, with greater use of violence by the executive branch of local government patterned after the federal move toward a unitary executive in times of threats to security. National security and local security become an ideology of perpetual war against 'drugs', 'crime', 'gang terror', 'illegal immigration' etc. etc. Germany of the 1930's organized around the fear of 'others' to increase the level of violence which was acceptable to the general popolation.
Without nonviolence as an ideal we will continue to creep towards total violence, the total state.

Charlie UnSykes

This country needs more police officials like David Couper. I'm continually reminded of what an extraordinary police chief he was, as well as what an extraordinary person he is.


You were going great until the (apparently) obligatory Republican bashing.

You just can't help yourself, can you?


Wonder: Sorry, but all of these justices are Republicans. maybe you should do what the NRA did and suck it in. The NRA joined with the ACLU in suing the federal government over aspects of the Patriots Act that crushed citizen rights and trampled the Constitution.

James Rowen

The coppers in Prince George's County have a rough reputation.

ARS - expat cheesehead

SCOTUS and the Circuit courts have been gutting 42 U.S.C. 1983 for the last couple of decades, to the point where charges are being dismissed right and left as part of the Summary Judgment, opening up whole new vistas of "qualified immunity" for those who, in the past, were held responsible. Essentially, codifying the Sgt. Schultz defense: "I Know Nothing".

Such is yet another legacy of Reagan, Bush I & Bush II - nobody can be held legally accountable as long as you can testify that you acted "in good faith" or your supervisor can maintain ignorance. A situation guaranteed to promote abuse and incompetence.

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