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August 07, 2008


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We're all for slandering governments and what nots, but its a complete shame that you write this article like an ignorant spoiled brat.

Seriously, listen to yourself:
"I am sorry my voice sounds muffled, but if I remove my mask, the air pollution will burn my lungs like dry twigs in a campfire." - even if its a quote
Great, you think you've slapped the government in the face with a little petty comment but millions of citizens LIVE in polluted conditions like this in China, so please show a little sympathy. If you're angry at the way things are, then go and try to help, not bitch at the comfort of your own home thinking it makes any difference whatsoever.

Secondly: "Chinese spent most of this past year trying to murder our dogs and cats with poisoned pet food"
Excuse me? We get salmonella infested tomatoes from America from time to time, are Americans trying to kill Canadians now?
Its the often lacking regulations in product safety in China, corruption, and fake products (and often the real-original brand company suffers) that leads to sub-standard and sometimes lethal products. So maybe you would like to THINK before claiming a whole country is trying to kill you or your precious puppy.

When there is a lack of quality control and safety control, everyone suffers - in the melamine tainted milk incident, a large number of people in China (mostly infants) who used these products (in baby milk formulas) suffered severe kidney problems. (Bet you never saw that on the news huh?)
Regular folks, just doing their jobs, raising a family, trying to pay their bills - suffers (more so because they have to face this BS everyday) because the country's laws and regulations are a complete mess (noting the corruption), and here you are laughing and saying how they are maliciously spending their time plotting to kill people or animals they dont even know.

If you hate the government (and I agree with you on this), then target the government. If you're angry at the sub-standard products target the people who actually manufactured it. How every single person of that ethnic group is suddenly evil and guilty because of the government or its manufacturers is beyond me.

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