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August 18, 2008


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Paul, it should be interesting as the majority society deviates into a non-reaffirming divisive society and finds out ( will they?) that we are not being included in decision making.

The lock on power is based in more and more terror, based on more and more unsubstantiated division of groups. I'm not expecting a Caravan of Death (Chile) to emerge, but WMC will have to up the level of fear and division. At what point will voters discover this is not beneficial? Or, is psychological warfare so advanced we can be manipulated beyond logical fail-safes of the human psyche.
Have they hired Gitmo psychologists yet?


I think more and more people are counting on the WMC when they see liberal abuse of conservatives as seen in the recent WI Supreme Court decision against an Attorney named Donohoo.

It's apparant that you are doing what you're paid for but we would still like to know who is paying you.

Jack Lohman

I think it's reasonable to ask who is paying a blogger, but not by someone who signs their name Anonymous.



I know Lohman used a red herring but I think he would agree that anyone that abuses or agrees with someone that has abused the power of our goverment, should be replaced as quickly as possible from goverment. If any liberal agrees with the abuse that was handed down by the Supremes, they should not be elected or in the employment of our goverment. If Lohman doesn't agree with that, I then agree with your first statment.

Jack Lohman

Oh, I forgot "idiot." This guy "gus" really has an impressive vocabulary.


The rule is perfect: in all matters of opinion our adversaries are insane.
Mark Twain
I hear division, and depravity but no talk of fear. Kick it up a notch fellows !


We tolerate a lot here and unlike a lot of other blogs, comments are posted without prior screening. We have over 4000 comments and only three people blocked (not counting the spammers). Gus just made it four.


Who are the ones who have been blocked. I've been blocked in the past. I think it is unfair that you censor folks who are trying to add to the social discourse.

Jack Lohman

I think Paul is blocking rude people only when it ceases to be your "social discourse" and the contributor is a garbage-mouth that destroys sensible conversations. Who needs this? I'd do the same on my blog. Differ in your views if you want, but damn, treat others like human beings. Otherwise it will kill the blog.

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