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September 08, 2008


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Soglin for Republican VP!


And you were a community organizer! But then again, you are not on a mission from God.


Bet you $10 Governor Palin becomes President before you do!

michael donnelly

You know how they measure people's smoking habits in pack years -- where if you smoke half a pack a day for ten years, that's five pack/years? What if they measured executive experience in governance/years. They'd look at how many people you governed for how long.

Governor Palin was mayor of a town of 7,000* for six years, so that's 42,000 governance/years. Add on two years as governor of Alaska, pop 670k, and you've got 1.4 million governance years. Using the first historic data on Madison population I could find ( it looks like you've logged more than three times as many governance/years as Palin.

* - I think it was smaller then, but it doesn't really matter.


Hi Paul, you also have more foreign policy experience than Obama.


You know I wanted to respond to your glowing resume reflecting on your incalculable foreign policy credentials and how Sarah Palin is clearly not in your league, but then I thought why bother because I bet as you wrote this you were proud at how witty and original your attack on Palin would be seem to be.
However I hate to inform you that your post is neither as original nor as witty as you think it is.
There are I bet a dozen or so leftist blogs dissing Palin’s lack of foreign policy credentials.
Bottom line dude Sarah Palin’s legs I bet looks much better than yours, therefore her legs trump your meager pointless overseas trips.
She will be better able to disarm evil, sexist; rogue dictators by wearing some sexy high heal black boots at the negotiation table.
You clearly don’t understand how politics really works.

Peace, Snoop


The whole leg/boot thing...did it work for Condi?


Mayor Smoglin, thw next time you are in Cuba, say hi to Uncle Fido. If you have so much experience, why aren't you on anyone's ticket?


Personally, I thought the post was very funny, especially the 98 France thing. Did you not entertain the Dalai Lama? How about the artist formerly known as Bozo?

Jack Lohman

Paul, I am a strong supporter of yours, but you sure as hell are not a pretty as Palin :-)


Aaaaand the germantown kid completely misses the point. I mention this because I suspect he/she is representative of a startlingly large demographic in this country, if polls are anything to be believed.


The election is over already.
Obama has proved to be the champion.
And I was a McCain supporter earlier this year.

It's like Lance Armstong's 6th TDF victory.
I wanted Ivan Basso to win,
although I was more than a bit sad that Jan Ulrich was feeling poorly ( T-Mobile ; nice ear-ring Jan ).
After Lance's Alpe d'Huez stage Quash late in the tour, I knew it was all over.
T-Mobile could still mount an attack, but Lance clearly was truly already the Champion !

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