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September 11, 2008


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jim guilfoil

We're in OZ and all we hear is the voice behind the curtain.
It's like watching a know it's all an illusion, slight of hand and a stacked deck. The fun is in wondering why we want to be fooled. Only now it's corruption and preventive detention, torture and killing and wondering if anyone who wants this job is worth foolin' with...they want power so bad that they'll say or believe whatever it takes to get it. I won't take anything they say except 'all politicians lie and I'm a politician. Catch me at it if you can!'
Pastor Wright said it, Obama's a politician!



I understand your frustration, but it's too soon. Any attacks now will be lost in the noise and countered by the time of the election. E.g. no one will remember "lipstick" distractions in November. But in late October the time will be right. I'd like to see the equivalent of LBJ's flower commercial:

* Video of planes flying into the world trade center
* Video of GWB reading "My Pet Goat"
* Video of GWB saying he doesn't think about Osama Bin Laden
* Video of coffins returning from Iraq
* Video of McCain hugging GWB
* Video of McCain singing "Bomb bomb Iran"
* Voiceover: "Can American afford another 4 years of this?"
* Fade to black


Too soon? Why should the Dems surrender the month of September? It's bad enough that we have to see Sarah Palin grinning back at us from the covers of Time, Newsweek, Us, People, and Field & Stream every week while the average voter can't remember who the Democratic vice presidential nominee IS. The Republicans are masters at distracting the media early and often with bright shiny objects (Al Gore's sigh, John Kerry's windsurfing, fist bumps and lipstick) while the Democrats harp on one thing over and over again (No third term!) even when it's abundantly clear that the media have completely lost interest in it.

So let's hire that voice-over woman with the voice dripping with sarcasm, sure. I would hope, however, that the Obama campaign could also put out some ads with Obama speaking calmly and positively into the camera as well. The Republicans are defining him now, and he needs to define himself. A major reason Republicans go negative is that it drives voter turnout down and that helps Republicans.


Gee Paul, it sounds like you want to put lipstick on a pig.

Dave Reid

It is unfortunate but it does seem to me that it is about time to "go to the mattresses"


You gotta laugh at this Karl Rove Turd Blossom Special video by Harry Shearer on My Damn Channel:



Surrender September, nobody votes in September. Win in November.


In November we will be busy with the McCain and Bush group arguing who 'es muy macho' as the Russian Fleet complete with Nuclear Missile Cruiser throw up wakes in the Caribbean. Surprise!!!


No, Obama needs to run as an actual Democrat. So, for example, he agreed with O Reilly the other night that the surge worked! What?!

You can pack it in when the Dem is adopted the phoney memes of the Republicans.

We don't even have the right to conduct a surge in Iraq.

When you've basically adopted the idea framework of the other side on a whole range of issues: trade, health insurance, military spending, foreign policy, terrorism, merit pay for teachers, etc. you can just basically pack it in.

The election will turn on personal issues. People will forget their troubles---in fact most don't even see the federal government as having a role in helping them since the Dems don't offer policies that meet their needs---and follow the prompts of the mainstream media and their ideological twins in the Republican team running McSame-Failin's campaign.

Oh, don't forget all the caging that is going on. Roughly five million Dems will not be allowed to vote, the excellent Greg Palast predicts. You really think Obama's got a plan to deal with that chicanery?

Dave Reid

Yea I was wrong. Obama should stay above the fray. His talk about service is... true American....y. stay above the fray.

Oliver Steinberg

I'd like to see some fight from Obama's side, too, but it looks like we're watching the same old sickening spectacle. Republicans charge up their base and Democrats flee from their base. So-called independents are chiefly those who just follow whichever way the wind seems to be blowing. Democratic campaigns seem to be run by people with no understanding of how to "frame a narrative," as the current cliche has it. antpoppa is right on all points.

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