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September 22, 2008


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I've put a link to the above post on my blog, because it helps voters understand McCain's position, while posting my own perspective from a Republican "marketing" angle.


Seven Dems (and Richard Shelby) voted against this. Biden was not one of them. They don't call him Senator MBNA for nothing.

The heroes: Boxer, Bryan, Dorgan, Feingold, Harkin, Mikulski and Wellstone.

Where's Kennedy? Where's Kerry?

Kennedy would be explained by the fact that he has been a champion of deregulation: think airlines and trucking, two industries that were devastated during the Carter presidency.

Rick Esenberg

Brian beats me in pointing out that Senator Biden voted for the bill after he voted against it, i.e., he voted for the version that became law.

What is also missing is some explanation of just how this bill caused the present mess. It did not create or loosen restrictions on the subprime market or securitization of mortgages or lax lending standards or leverage ratios. This is just innuendo.


Thanks for talking about this legislation because we all need to discuss this openly before they vote on it. The Sunlight Foundation put the two bailout bills online so people can comment on it. Feel free to visit to discuss these bills with others.

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