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October 13, 2008


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It appears that you're saying that you haven't changed other then growing older and wiser. Is that correct?


how can you say that the Obama/Ayers connection is so small when neither of them will talk about it? How big a relationship between an admitted (and non-repentant)terrorist and Obama must there be before you think it is a legitimate issue for discussion and not simply amusing?

I imagine you hung out with the weather underground crowd (and Ayers??)in your radical youth, but at least we don't have to worry about you ever becoming president.


Obama finally came out with a decent ad on Ayers today. He points out that Ayers is not a terrorist but an education professor. Actually he is widely respected in this country, though it took Obama months to realize what thousands do here:

Obama also points out in the new ad that conservative Republicans funded the committee he was on with Ayers.

Finally, the committee failed to improve public schools in Chicago.
That is what we should be debating.

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