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October 07, 2008


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jim guilfoil

Or Chicago?
Obama's need to seem like a Commander in Chief has committed him to expand the war in Afghanistan...guns and butter dumped Johnson, I hope it can dump McCain and Obama.
Nader, McKinnon...or none of the above!
Let's not have to move anywhere.


This is what happens "with change many people believed in".

Alderman Steve

Well said, Brother Paul. After twenty-five years of vilifying domestic public investment in infrastructure by Reagan and his ideological drones what are we left with? Bankruptcy at home and the uncontested ability to make the rubble bounce anywhere on the planet. We get the civilization we pay for, folks. Time to wake up and smell the coffee...


I beleive a modest solution would be that the Taxpayers take an equity position with the bailout money rather than buying companies bad paper. Since we are recapitalizing these companies anyway, we should let the bad loans fail and allow the current stockholders to take their share of the hit. In this way the current stockholders share in the loss with the taxpayers (a little taste of market discipline).
If and when the dust settled the taxpayers position can be resold to real investors with a goal of making several smaller companies that are small enough to fail out of large ones.

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