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October 23, 2008


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Dave Reid

In which state does each citizen get a $3500 check from the government each year? Answer Alaska. Who increasde this amount just recently? Sarah Palin.


Least someone is telling the truith. Good going Sarah...


The problem with Sarah is she is going to get back to us with the answer. I'm still waiting for that answer. Maybe she can run with Elizabeth from the View in 2012. Please bring on 2008 election so we can send her back to Nome


Hmmmm. Liberal-socialist-communist and Martian! As in: Wow! Obama is so different, he might be from Mars!

Peter Rickman

Let's keep a clear head about ideological labels:

Socialism doesn't mean you get a transfer of wealth. Socialism means worker control over capital and the means of production. These are very different things. In political economy and science, liberalism is very, very different from socialism - some might even say philosophically incompatible.

This demonstrates yet again the willful ignorance of reality and truth but willingness to twist things to appear just barely plausible, so as to trick and scare people into maybe buying into what they're saying. That's their version of politics - it's not a contest of ideas, but a contest of who can bastardize and abuse them.

No wonder conservatism is dying as an ideologically- and philosophically-coherent take on the world. God speed to any nation that subscribes to it electorally - including ours. November 4th 2008 isn't the election of a new president so much as it is an opportunity for our country to move in an entirely new, non-conservative, direction.


Doesn't Joe the Plumber owe back taxes? And what a big head to think that a guy making 40 grand a year could buy a 250,000 dollar company. Stupid.

Some role model.

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