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October 27, 2008


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Keith Schmitz

I know Germans made light of a nobody paper-hanger, but odds are Palin will be heading back to some trouble in Alaska.

There may be a number of people who are now taking a closer look at her and are somewhat resentful that outsiders from the McCain campaign meddled in state business by injecting their lawyers into the dismissal of the state safety commission.

That guy might even be enticed to run against her.

We all will certainly keep an eye on her and not minimize her appeal to the slightly off-balanced.

Between now and 2012 the neocons will be rudderless and if they don't dissolve into history will be flitting back and forth between possibles, Bund-Rally Barbie being one of them.

jonathan barry

Good grief Paul. Get a grip.


You have hit the nail on this one Paul. We are a conservative nation. We always will be and whatever we do the liberals never succeed very long in American Politics. Help us on this one lord a ballot with Palin and Elizabeth in 2012 could happen.

ex-pat cheesehead

Sarah Palin is the natural culmination of the Republican strategy to move from substance to image based campaigning.

Is there any surprise that the highest paid member of the McCain staff is Sarah Palin's make up artist?

Terrence Berres

"For the first time since the 1930's there is a charismatic American political leader with a populist bent who can lead a viable political movement towards fascism."

And before we know it, UW law students will again be required to wear a coat and tie for a senior photo. 'First they came for the guy in his undershirt, and I did not speak out...'

michael donnelly

Paul, I hope you're right.

Many of the Republicans in power today got there by taking advantage of the power base that, as you accurately state, Sarah Palin truly represents. If she makes a run at president going for the votes of that demographic, that will put the republicans in a very interesting position. They won't be able to go for the "god, guns, and gays" vote because Palin will have that sewn up. Instead they'll have to fall back on the fiscal, rather than social, conservatism that was the hallmark of their party before that fell under the sway of corporate cronyism and socially conservative image mongering.

My thought is that it would be good for America either way. If the Republicans change enough to emerge successfully from under that cloud, they'll be a rational, fiscally conservative party. If they don't, they'll fall by the wayside. While Palin would have plenty of supporters, I don't think she'd have enough to win an election. And her rocky relationship with corporate America makes it unlikely that they'd be reaching deep into their pockets to support her.

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