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October 30, 2008


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jim guilfoil

In Kansas City we use to say...Hey, it's Tom's town. He makes the rules!
That was Tom Prendergast who made Truman Senator.
In Chicago they say...plow the snow, pick up the trash. The rest is politics.
I.F. Stone said...all governments lie! That makes politicians part of a lying system. A few try to shout above the din, but the system makes cowards of us all.
Good Work Barry!

Oliver Steinberg

In 2002, after the plane crash that killed Paul Wellstone, his wife and daughter and five others, we had an election ten days later, with Walter Mondale as a stand-in candidate. I went to Minneapolis to help knock on doors and get people to the polls. I was given a photocopy of a portion of a street map and told-- "Go there."

I went. It was a three-block-long cemetery. Lots of good Democrats there, too, but we didn't know how to get them to the polls. That election was lost.

I did arrange for a woman to vote who told me she'd been born when Teddy Roosevelt was President, and had been voting since the 1920's. She needed help getting to the polling place . . . but she was still alive.

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