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October 20, 2008


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Peter Rickman

But the conservative movement has not stopped from playing in these races. They worked in a coordinated manner, and instead of WMC being the name on the mailer, the ad, etc., they're using All Children Matter.

The WMC name and brand is toxic in Wisconsin right now, especially in South Central Wisconsin. So instead of the out-of-state money from right-wing ideologues and corporations funding WMC's electioneering, it's funding other groups' electioneering. Don't think for a minute that the same coterie of conservative movement politicos that help WMC put together its political program aren't part of ACM's work and that of the other conservative movement political orgs.

They are a coordinated machine, where the corporatists work with the fundamentalists work with the neoconservatives and so on and so forth.


It's a shame when an organization dedicated to creating jobs and growth for Wisconsin is bullied into the background.


Consider this: WMC, with its image taking a battering, decides to run a token amount of positive advertising and quietly give its big bucks to one of the other right-wing groups that's running unrtuthful negative ads against Dems all across the state. No requirement to report it, since it's not PAC money, and WMC lets someone else take the heat. Can I prove it? No. But it's plausible, given how much money WMC was raising and how little it appears to have spent directly.

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