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October 24, 2008


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I take it that this is your formal endorsement of Palin. I know you would not be for any candidate that was less of a communist than Stalin.


Could this be why Palin's husband is a secessionist? And why she spoke to them as recently as 2006?

Damn pinko commies trying to destroy the union....


I use to live in Alaska and you got this artical all wrong. Who are you? You must be anouther one of those far left wing gossipers that spread your slimy lies. Do the research before you write articles of such. I will add your article to my present portfollio for future investigations....


txyankee, hate to have you delve too deep but what exactly was wrong with the article. ONe thing you'll see in liberal land is that we actually ask people to back up their statements with facts instead of just calling them slimy lies, try and explain why they would be considered slimy. I know that on the right that is normal fare and the louder and more obnoxious you can be the better, facts be damned, but not here on the left hand side of the internet. FWIW, the general trend is for the red states to get more money paid back than they put in for federal taxes and blue states get back less. It has increased drastically over the past eight years. Why does California stay in this country? Here's the link to the data.


Txyankee the ever conservative. Thats what is ruining this country. You put Palin in office and the rich keep getting richer. What about the poor people in this world. We got a voice. Its not in Alaska. Its time for some liberal views bring on Obama


I don't see what's wrong with what Paul has written. In conservative this is not considered redistribution, somehow they see it as thier money. Take Alaska, with its state run pipeline and heavily taxed (yes there is that evil word) industry. The people of Alaska pay no income tax and yet get a refund of thier money from the oil companies. Really! What they are getting is our money, since we are the ones buying the gasoline that is creating the oil company profits. That money should either come to the rest of the country (Country First?) or the companies shouldn't be taxed at all (seems to be Alaska's position on business taxes).

Charlie UnSykes

Oh yeah? Well...well...well...Obama pals around with terrorists!

Michael Basford

"I will add your article to my present portfollio for future investigations...."

I now have to change my pants as I just pissed myself from laughing. Paul, you have to add this quote to your header.


txyankee is the screen name for O.J. Simpson, who will add this article to his present portfolio for future investigations, right behind his ongoing search for the real killers. Apparently he's got a lead that they're in prison....

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