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October 26, 2008


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Good call, Barry.

And remember, alot of their new decisions are silly as well.

Henry Dubb

I don't think you can honestly compare Baldwin to rightist liberals like Obama and Kind. If you follow the Journal's logic Obama shares much of the logic of their Theron endorsement - free trade for example.

No matter what the Neocrybabies try to sell us Obama is no socialist and will keep business taxes low. Republican libertarians like Theron are supporting Obama in droves. It seems to me the inconsistency would be endorsing Baldwin. To say its inconsistent simply because of the party label seems kind of silly.

I actually thought of voting for Theron because of Tammy's bail out vote. I will most likely vote NOTA, but there is no way Baldwin will get my vote. I have very few complaints with Baldwin, but this one was a whopper. There is not one human being I know of who says a corporate bailout on banks is a great idea. It is only partisan bloggers, hacks, and politicians who defend it.

If Theron had a Ron Paul position on NAFTA, WTO, and "free trade", he'd have my vote.


As a former coworker of Theron's, I just gotta say... wow. I gotta... yeah. I'm voting for Baldwin.


Here, here! Scary to think people might trust an editorial like that.

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