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November 11, 2008


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I will temporarily suspend my campaign for justice for Scott Jensen to observe that our country may benefit in this bailout effort if the result is a healthy financial market comprised of companies that are small enough to fail. This can be accomplished by using our equity stake and regulatory power to sell spun off companies to real investors and maybe create real markets. The funny money crowd may choke on this idea (as well as a substantial number of congress creatures) but this may be the best chance we have to break the bonds of the too big to fail cartel. Although the odds of success are close to zero, I think it is worth a shot.


You might also be interested in the tax windfall granted to American banks that may be worth as much as $140 billion. It may not even be legal, but what the financial industry wants, the financial industry apparently gets, and the American taxpayer takes the hit. And more companies are created that are "too big to fail."

ex-pat cheesehead

My question is why do the people who advocated for the deregulation which caused the problems in the first place get to be the ones tasked with fixing said problems?

Seems to me to be time for some new blood making those decisions. Jan 21 cannot come soon enough.

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