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November 22, 2008


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I'm sooooo sick of them myself. And I can't escape them when I'm at the station... But I don't think that even as annoying as they are, that it would prevent me from buying another Toyota. The quality of the engineering might. I swear, my little Yaris has not been living up to my expectations of how a Toyota should run. After 3 years of owning it, and 20,000 miles I've put on it (bought it at 15 miles), it's getting really pissy in the cold.


A.J. Love

Well, yeah, but to me it's just one of hundreds of incredibly abysmal commercials. We drive a Mercury, I personally would not want to buy a foreign car. If the Big 3 go under, I 'spose we'll have to go USA Boutique or USA used.

Carless in California

Can't you find a hybrid you like?


The commercial sucks !

Very funny though, I replaced the front swaybar links on my 98 Ford Explorer Sport last week.
After looking at the failed links and cracked plastic casings, I opted for a half homemade solution.
In hindsight, my metal tube could have been thicker.
That would have cost much more though, and I had already beat the problem with about a %50 increase tube strength.
I used a 3/4 x 5/8 tube ( cheap ) filled very tightly with 5/8 x 3/8 hose after painting the tube.
I encased the tube with 3/4 x 1.25 hose.
I'm not certain if that will help prevent rust or not, it could crack this winter.
I sealed the assembly with 3/4 x 3/8 stainless steel washers and silicone sealant.
I used saltwater grade stainless steel 10 x 3/8 bolts and nylon locknuts with this.

The replacement thick and concave washers for the plastic shock absorbing bushings were painted with three coats of truck bed liner spray and left to dry a week.
I also replaced the tires a month a go with Goodyear Fortera's .

Woo Hoo !!!
It just rocks using non-ethanol premium gasoline !
( I'm really a granny driver, I just want my car to preform as my bicycle does. )

And then there is the topic of the Ford fuel line ....
Are you listening Ralph Nader ?

BTW, is the space character preceding some of your hyperlinks intentional ?
What about the extra line feed, I mean "double-spacing" ?
Are you writing remotely to some ill baked web form or are they intentional ?
If it's not intentional, try writing to a text editor first and then copy and paste it in.


Troy Thiel


Don't throw the baby out with the bath water...the Fixx were one of the very important big hair 80s power pop British Bands that helped make MTV a staple of culture for the folks who came of age in the 80s like me...Howard Jones, Rick Astley, The Police, Psychadelic Furs, U2 (british subjects)Thomas Dolby,Naked Eyes,Duran Duran, Flock of Seagulls, Phil Collins....if you need to borrow any of the albums...I still have them all...unfortunately I no longer have the hair to look like them...well, actually Phil Collins...I could do his look....and it's just a glad that they didn't use Thriller!


2009 honda crv fwd: 23mpg combined
2009 ford escape hybrid fwd: 32mpg combined

I just bought a 2009 toyota prius, but I don't watch television so their new commercial didn't play into my decision. All advertising is annoying.

Marketing and advertising corrupt society and waste human resources in order to create artificial needs and wants. Advertisers manipulate our subconscious desires in order to make us feel inadequate or incomplete unless we buy product X, which causes people to buy more and spend outside their means which forces people to work longer hours and become more miserable as they attempt to attain the "perfect" life whereas the real secret to happiness for many people is having more time with family and friends rather than more junk made in china.

People need toothpaste, but without advertising we would all buy toothpaste with similar ingredients that had been proven most effective in clinical trials and the cost would be much lower. The current number or products and packaging that is mandated by marketing MBAs in order to increase profits is unnecessary and counterproductive to the goal of decreasing the incidence of tooth decay. Toothpaste is just an example of something that should be much cheaper in order to promote health and well being.

The free market also artificially increases the cost of prescription drugs and health insurance resulting in more human misery and suffering so that a few may profit mightily. Without auto advertising we might wake up and realize that an entirely car based transportation system is inefficient and wasteful. Spend some time in other countries and you will come to realize the benefits of enforced truth in advertising laws and efficient public transportation.

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