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November 19, 2008


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"The last four years through a variety of techniques from providing an alternative progressive radio voice to public exposure of these charlatans the base diminished."

Typical Soglin, as though saying it in public makes it so. He seems to forget the poster child for "progressive," aka liberal talk radio, Air America, that came and went while Sykes and Belling were still honking away with their national on-line audience increasing every day.


Excuse me? Air America is still alive and well and has the Jones Network (Stephanie Miller, Ed Schultz) and Nova M (Mike Malloy, Randi Rhodes) following in its progressive talk format footsteps. Air America host Rachel Maddow now splits her time between the radio network and her own show on MSNBC. Former Air America radio hosts, Sam Seder and Marc Maron now host an afternoon online video show (VODcast)on Air America media.

Didn't AAR just add a couple of affiliates in northern Illinois? With any luck, the AAR signal now reaches the Milwaukee.

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