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November 05, 2008


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WMC's unilateral disarmament and appeasement left WEAC free to spend freely. It will not increase their lobby clout. IMHO, it will not be repeated.



Are you positive about Prop 8? Last check I saw, the ban was winning, sadly.



The LA Times is calling Prop 8 for the "yes" vote. I am more disappointed than words can express.,0,2331815.story

George Hesselberg

My friends in the Twin Cities say Franken was a lousy candidate and lousy campaigner who didn't know the issues and didn't bother to learn them. An incumbent such as Coleman, even with the incredibly heavy baggage of being an idiot and a crooked one to boot, was able to beat Franken. That says more about Franken than Coleman. The good candidate got weeded out by the popular one in the primary, is what my friends say, leaving the worst overall candidate in the best position to win.

Thomas J. Mertz


Many great victories to build on.

School finance reform has to be at or near the top of the agendas.

However, you have more faith in Bill McCoshen and his clients than I think is warranted. See here:



This was the first election that I executed "google alerts" for WMC and Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce. I've told as many people as possible about your blog and I truly believe you were the priciple defanger of WMC with your offense playbook months in advance. I congratulate you and thank you greatly for educating the masses. I believe if not for you and Mrs. Epic Software, WMC would have been as mean and nasty as in years past.


WEAC reported spending almost $2.1 million on TV buys through mid-October supporting the election of five Democrats to the Assembly. Most of it was on negative ads.

How come Paul doesn't complain about WEAC? Maybe that's who is payig him.

The group's filing with the Government Accountability Board shows it pumped the most money into the 43rd Assembly District to support freshman Dem Rep. Kim Hixson in his re-match with Republican Debi Towns.

Through Oct. 20, WEAC spent $539,660 on that ad buy, including production costs.

The other races where WEAC reported TV spending are:

The 47th Assembly District north of metro Madison, where it spent $513,132 supporting Dem Trish O'Neil and opposing Republican Keith Ripp.
The 68th Assembly District in Eau Claire, where it spent $406,322 supporting Dem Kristen Dexter and opposing GOP Rep. Terry Moulton.
The 96th Assembly District of southwestern Wisconsin, where it spent $364,382 supporting Dem Dale Klemme and opposing GOP Rep. Lee Nerison.
The 2nd Assembly District near Green Bay, where it spent $276,488 supporting Dem Ted Zigmunt and opposing GOP Rep. Frank Lasee.”

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