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November 24, 2008


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Jack Craver

Interesting perspective. I can certainly see how most trips to have a purpose.

But don't new technologies, like videoconferencing, remove the need to travel as much? That's one of the suggestions mentioned by the UW administration in their call to restrict faculty travel more:

Jack Craver

But now that I think about it, this issue seems even more relevant with the upcoming federal infrastructure project. Massive amounts of money is going to be on the market for local officials to essentially bid on, and although Dave Obey will without a doubt do his part for northern Wisconsin, it doesn't seem unlikely that there could be some useful political maneuvering for local officials, even if that means hiring lobbyists etc to get Madison's voice heard. I'm of course speaking in generalities, but it sounds about right. This could be an exciting time to see some projects in the area that wouldn't get much attention otherwise.

You should check out this sight -- it's a sort of forum run by businessweek about how the infrastructure money around the country should be spent. People chime in about local concerns etc -- each state has its own page:

the city today plays favorites when it comes to training and travel expenses, very often employees pay their own way, including mileage, when the city benefits.

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