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December 15, 2008


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The Critical Badger

Could not agree more on the private parties remark. During the ALDP debate, students and Ald. Eli Judge described in quite extensive details the unsafe atmosphere of college parties in the downtown area, compared to the regulated bar atmosphere.

Too bad Mayor Dave, Joel Plant, and Noble Wray seem to believe they'll actually solve both the alcohol and "party problem" downtown with bar and house party raids.

Yeah, right.

Irwin Fletcher

This is the direct result of good ole liberal policies. These folks need help, they need to be in a facility that will provide them the medical\psychological\substance treatment they so desperately need. BUT because WI allows these folks to walk out of any facility and family members cannot have them held against their wishes, these sick people end up on the streets, drunk and causing harm to themselves and others. So feel good about yourselves that people who are very sick have the freedom to not get the help they need. If these folks could be held in a treatment facility madison would have $3M to help other people.

Liberal policies have a price.


The ALDP has nothing to do with underage drinking, the prime source of house parties. The City can't change the drinking age and the neo-prohibitionists don't want to. Until that changes house parties and the problems that come with them will continue to plaque the downtown. Some of the "thugs" are predators, but a lot of them are college students with a sense of entitlement. But, I agree, the that the County needs to be more aggressive about commitment with the chronic abusers--I just don't think that will change the City's "boys will be boys" attitude towards the college kids.

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