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December 18, 2008


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Shawano, not Shawno.


Sorry, technology is the bane of my existence. Feel free to delete all but one - or all - if that suits you.


Ordinary Jill

Wisconsin bloggers have ignored the story because it doesn't seem like news here. Our state has a long history of hosting crazy cults (Endeavor Academy in Wisconsin Dells and the Immaculate Conception Chapel in Necedah spring immediately to mind). It isn't news until at least one corpse is found (as in Necedah).

I am extremely skeptical of Bob Cameron's story. I suspect he is in trouble with U.S. authorities (probably for tax evasion on his U.S. business transactions) and is bluffing his way into a deal in exchange for his help in bringing down SIST. Just as he claims to have conned SIST into believing he was "connected," he is probably conning the FBI into believing he was part of an anti-government conspiracy.

Even if his story is true, it wouldn't even be the most serious anti-government conspiracy in Shawano County history. Compared to the Tigerton-based Posse Comitatus 30 years ago, SIST are a bunch of amateurs.

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