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January 27, 2009


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Set up a national bank system and let the private banks fend for themselves.
Could it be that simple?
I believe that Venezuela has started or contemplated doing just that.
The idea of the IMF getting into our U.S. economy frightens me.


My goodness Paul, you may be rightly incensed, but how about the proposed $4 billion for Acorn that is being mooted within the recovery package?


An actual Democrat would never have appointed Geithner. As Bernie Sanders told Amy Goodman today, Geithner's part of the problem. The economy tanked, in part, due to de regulation, of which Geithner was one of the major cheerleaders. So, why would you appoint a guy who supported the very policy that got us in trouble? Could it be that Obama is an ideologue? The facts don't matter?

It should strike as you as mildly curious that the corporate mainstream media, which sets the agenda on what can be discussed in this country, hardly ever raised questions about the qualifications of a lot of Obama'a appointments.

Many of them---Dennis Ross, Richard Holbrooke, Dennis Blair, Arne Duncan, Larry Summers, Geithner---are part of the problem.

Douglass Shaw

Do the banks and insurance company own President OBama? How much money did they give to his campaign? Is the current bailout a return of their investment during the campaign? Lot of people say that George Bush was owned by oil and pharamecutical companies. Is OBAMA owned by big banks and insurance companies, and car company? Only OBAMA knows for sure,


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