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January 12, 2009


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Vicki Gabriner

Since Pete will be 90 this May '09, my guess is there will be Seeger celebrations happening in the US of A. I'm going be on the lookout. It's worth a drive or even an airplane flight somewhere to hear him talk and sing -- again or for the first time!


I was in Newport for the folk festival about five years ago, and the night before it started there was a Woody Guthrie tribute show called "Ribbon of Highway," with a big cast of musicians, including Jimmy LaFave and Woody's granddaughter Sarah Lee.

About halfway through the program, Pete Seeger walked out onto the stage, announced that they had skipped a verse in the last Guthrie song, and proceeded to sing it, raspy voice and all. To that audience, it was like being in church.

Also have to recall that in 1986, when I was managing Ed Garvey's US Senate campaign, I wrote Pete, pitching him about my candidate and begging him to do a benefit. (How many of those do you think he gets?) He did it, traveling through a blizzard to make it to the old Capitol Theater just in time to walk onstage. He said he was old and tired and would only do a couple of songs -- and then proceeded to do a 45-minute set.

Oliver Steinberg

Not sure if anyone will see this comment ten days after the post, but you can see and hear Pete Seeger and Bruce Springsteen singing "This land is your land" at the pre-inaugural outdoor concert. Go to: ---unless HBO wipes it out before you get there.

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