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February 17, 2009


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Of course we need more fast money projects. Projects that have given us war, and the same type of financial and environmental return that can be promised by the Alexander Company.. projects that we are borrowing trillions of dollars to undo.

All through nature we have periods of growth, this is a natural process. But we also have reached a point of the cessation of growth.
My contention is that we have concluded the era of growth dominated by financial and quantitative metrics, and are entering an advanced era of social investing .

"Restorative Economics", is the new economics of carrying capacity, cultural and biological diversity, sense of place, care of the commons and nonviolence.
Organic farming is is about growing food without harm to natural systems and producing food that does no harm its eaters.
Organic farming is a slow money project which redefines tomorrows economics.

Borrowed from:
* Slow Money, Woody Tasch

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