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February 16, 2009


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You are such a bonehead.

A public defender does not show support for their clients as you tried to state ".....Koschnick now bears the burden of the support of Ted Oswald". PD are simply showing up at work and calling the next number in line like a clerk at a meat market....the state of Wisconsin ordered his defense as prescribed by the constitution (I know you dont understand this part but bear with me) and appointed Koschnick to do it....that is hardly support for Oswald. After all, did you see what he got...Life in prison...what would you call for, the death penalty? Hardly, considering you are a bleeding heart liberal socialist....can't have it both ways dude....He was even hard on crime as a public defender....that is brilliant! Bye Bye, her political machine is really running on overtime bad there arent any better points to be made than this lame attempt...say hi to your freind Shirley for me ok? ...actually tell he goodbye....2 down 1 more injustice to go!


Mayor Smoglin, did you make a trip to the prison where Oswald to get the "big news story"?
Who cares who Oswald supports, he is rotting away where he belongs. To bad Wisco doesnt have the death penalty. Oswald would be a candidate.

Oh, can this convicted felon even vote? If Loophole Louie was on the Wisco Supr Crt, he would make sure Oswald could vote and probably let him out of prison like he did all the other killers and rapists.

Vote for Koschnick. Send Shirley packing to Miami. The prog-retards control the executive and legislative. The SC should have a conservative majority as a check and balance against the tyranny of the liberals.

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