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February 11, 2009


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I don't think you'll find any groups that claim regulations that ban shipping products you know are tainted are 'unnecessary', and your claim that this is somehow a dilemma for "right wing free market capitalists" is reductive, partisan and unprofessional. Claiming that there is no unnecessary regulation is as deep in bat country as claiming that all regulation is unnecessary. Weasel words be damned, without debate as to the burdensomeness of regulation we wouldn't have things like the Orphan Drugs Act, so please don't try to smear everyone who disagrees with you as sympathizing with murder. Unfortunately, we live in a world where someone can't make a name for themselves in politics by being reasonable and polite to people they disagree with.


How could Stewart Parnell's Peanut Corp. of America avoid sanction after so many reports of bacterial contamination?
Perhaps the USDA was intimidated by this Bush appointee. After all, he did occupy a chair on the USDA Peanut Standards Board.
The Board advises the secretary on quality and handling standards for domestic and imported peanuts marketed in the United States.
Perhaps he will claim executive privilege rather than the fifth amendment?

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