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March 05, 2009


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The real "scandal" of the Obama Administration is the continuation of Bush policy on the Middle East, South America, trade, occupation of Iraq, illegal threats ag. Iran, illegal bombing of Pakistan, the bloated military budget, imperialist foreign policy in general, etc.


Another signifcant element of Obama's legacy: making sure the for profit health insurance system stays in place.


Mark Twain reportedly said that to be virtuous is noble. To tell others to be virtuous is even nobler and far less trouble.

I will be amazed if the Obama Administration shows itself to be virtuous. Honest liberals are more critical than the compliant press.


Speaking of height of hypocrisy, did you read Rick Berg's column in this week's Isthmus? It leaves the reader wondering if Rick just awoke from an 8 year coma.

end no bid contracts end of corruption the real obama legacy .. Very nice :)

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