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March 30, 2009


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One of the funnier things about this is that anyone who has spent any time on a farm knows that farmers have gardens, that the two are separate. You farm crops to sell, you garden for your home and your family, organically or otherwise. At least that's the way I remember it. Maybe things have changed.

Rich Preston

Unless they hire a pro, my bet is that w/o any fertilizer nor pesticides; this garden will soon resemble a dandelion field.

Good luck to the First Lady in her efforts, but I know how hard it is to go Green and how quickly I ditched my efforts in favor of "protection products."


This is wonderful to hear! Especially since the introduction of an organic weed killer made with citrus oil that works just as well as the traditional synthetic weed killer - glyphosate. And I hear approval was given for their agricultural version - so organic farmers will now have a weed killer to use and traditional farmers can use this too. So maybe the big boys are a bit disgruntled, but who cares. There is a product out there to use and people are sick of all the chemicals in farming (no pun intended) and maybe the big boys will start looking at changing their ways and offering more environmentally friendly products. I say way to go White House!

Rich Preston

Ann, got a link? I need me soma that.


Shouldn't we really be focusing on the pro corporate Ag Secretary we are stuck with? Governor Vilsack?

Shouldn't his ideas be the focus of discussion and the fact that a real change administration never would have appointed him?

I mean, I just thought I'd ask.


Hello Rich

Here is a link for you. Tours are available.


This is exactly the reason why we should be supporting independent farmers who are trying to support whatever organic production they have left. Like this farmer for example:

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