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March 19, 2009


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The decline of traditional news media and the erosion of the traditional line between the news and business sides of media companies is, in and of itself, enough to incur snarks from longtime practitioners of the only craft protected by the Constitution. Editors are losing their independence to the general managers, who naturally want happy advertisers and do not want to get heartburn when they go to lunch with an aggrieved customer.

Journalism under the thumb of the excecutive office inevitably suffers. This may help explain why Mssr. Soglin regards (correctly, I think) most webloggers as a bunch of nincompoops. Better if they just log off.

The news isn't going away and people need someone to bring them trustworthy and relevant information (and help them pronounce Lac Courte Oreilles). So snark on, Soglin and Orton and Morrissey. Voices like yours are our hope for the future.

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