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March 16, 2009


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Question from an auslander ... Is Doyle the fellow who put the cow and the cheese and the corn cob on the back of the commemorative quarter? If so, he's got a fine eye for ghastly design. At least it didn't say "Eat Cheese or Die."

JJ Hager

I still think it should be "Wisconsin: Smell our dairy air"


"Escape to Wisconsin" had a certain ring to it.


Oh god. First sign of a bad idea -- using the same color as the Milwaukee Bucks. Blargh!


I forgot "We like it here." "I heart map cheese" was a bad idea. An updated "Escape to Wisconsin" would be better than a Bacardi ad. Someone didn't do homework.


"Wisconsin: Something's brewing." Short, sweet, everyone will laugh at it. And remember it. Or did the Tavern League use this already?


Two tried and True logos.
The Jordan Jump Man

Antpoppa TM

Darren Stucker

What a great logo for an advertising agency, magazines and newspapers. Why? Because one has to use (or buy) extra space every time the logo is used.

Instead of it being just wide, it is wide and tall. That character at the top, not Ms Forward, requires almost an extra column inch to use just to see the top of it. Will the agency placing the logo in an ad get an extra 15% of the extra space that it will need to buy.

Now how much are we going to have to spend to tell the public what the new logo means? It takes a lot and costs a lot to make a new image take hold with the public. Did we really need to do this now?

Rich Preston

Wisconsin...cheaper than Florida, better than nuthin'

Ron McCrea

"Live like you mean" implies" ". . . even if you don't." Too stressful to keep up appearances when all you want to do is ESCAPE TO WISCONSIN! Remember the fun we had with that? ESCAPE TO SIN, COWS IS NICE.

My suggestions:

To cover both the great outdoors and our drinking habits: WISCONSIN: NATURE CALLS.

To please both boosters and skeptics: WISCONSIN: IT DOESN'T GET ANY BETTER!

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