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March 31, 2009


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How many miles to the barrel does it get?
Will construction be outsourced, will he get a bailout?


The darn thing looks top-heavy, he must need a wider wheel base. Obviously he should have motorized the entire bar. Then in court he could argue that he never actually LEFT the bar. And unless his town has a law punishing Taverns for committing moving violations, he would have broken no laws. If he had only 14 beers he would have been able to think all that through.


One Word: Genius!!!

April Fools

He should just get a 10-speed like normal drunks.


This is he flagship product of the new Obama Motors Company. See what our bailout dollars are going to support.

Barry Orton

Video of this in operation last night on Rachel Maddow Show. They found a guy who builds and sells them.

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